Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning For Your Business

Business owners always have a lot of work in their hands. In between managing the business, staffing, seeking financing, payroll, marketing the business and serving customers, they also have to think about maintaining a clean business environment. In many cases, business owners choose to hire an in-house cleaner to ensure the carpeted floors, washrooms and every surface, such as tables, are spotlessly clean. In return, the cleaner is paid a salary, allowances, pension and several other perks. This approach is extremely costly since the business owner needs to purchase costly carpet cleaning equipment and supplies. Furthermore, the cleaner will be paid a full salary even though cleaning is done once or twice a day, usually in the morning and during the lunch break. This means the cleaner will be free for the rest of the day despite drawing a full salary from the company. A more cost effective option would be hiring a commercial cleaning company which has professional carpet cleaners. We asked our friends at K & T Chem-Dry about the benefits of having your carpets professionally cleaned.


Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets usually get dirty fast. After all, customers and employees come into the business premise with all manner of dirt in their shoes. When conducting business, some liquids, foodstuffs and greases may also stain the carpet. At the end of the day, you may be left with a dirty carpet which not only looks unsightly, but also poses a health risk to customers and workers who have allergies. Fortunately, commercial carpet cleaning firms have what it takes to clean your carpet. The following are benefits of hiring professional carpet cleaners:


They’re Well-Equipped

Professional carpet cleaners are in the business of cleaning carpets. Therefore, they have state of the art cleaning equipment as well as carpet cleaning supplies which may not be available to the average business owner. With these cleaning supplies, tools and equipment, the cleaning company will ensure your carpet is not only free of dirt and stains but also looks as good as new after restoration of fibers.


Highly Trained


Professional carpet cleaning firms employ workers who are well trained in every aspect of carpet cleaning. They know how to handle different types of carpets as well as how to remove different types of stains on the carpet. They are, therefore, extremely effective in cleaning and restoring carpets.


Certified Cleaners


Commercial carpet cleaners are usually trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) or similar organization, depending on country. Cleaners who have this certification can easily get the job done quickly and safely. They also know which cleaning supplies have been banned and which ones are safe, so will ensure your carpet is both clean and safe. Therefore, business owners should always check whether or not a carpet cleaner is certified before hiring them.


Carpet Restoration and Repairs


The beauty of hiring a professional to clean your carpet is that they know how to restore the carpet, to ensure it looks great, as well as how to repair damaged sections. If a section is damaged beyond repair, they can recommend replacement of that section and perform the actual replacement.


When hiring a carpet cleaner, be sure to check whether they are certified by the relevant organization, licensed by local authorities and insured against all risks they face in their work. Experience, cleaning cost and reputation are all important factors to consider when hiring a carpet cleaner.

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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Franchise

If you have the entrepreneur spirit and are looking for a way to invest your money into your local community, you’ve likely considered investing in a new business or franchise opportunity. Working with an existing company when starting your own business can be a surefire way to jump start your future. Here are our top five reasons to invest in a franchise for sale:

owning a franchise1. Existing Success

Franchises have multiple locations for good reasons. They’re typically a sound company that sells a product that consumers want. Franchises allow you to sell this product and provide you with training on their sales methods and business practices, in exchange for a portion of your profits. That’s a pretty good deal for something that can guarantee success. You won’t find that degree of certainty branching out on your own. You may have a product that people like, but spreading the word, working up support, and manufacturing the product all fall on you.

2. Training

Who’s going to train your new employees when you start out on your own? You. Who’s going to write the employee manual? You. The questions continue, but, if you’re planning on branching out alone, a lot of the work will fall directly on your shoulders. Not so with a franchise. There will be existing programs and hiring practices already in place when you sign up with a franchise, and they will provide the training information necessary to build a high-performing team. A franchise business can even assist you with better training to become a more efficient manager.

3. Marketing

Most business owners don’t have the initial ability to maximize their advertising. Most franchises include advertising and marketing in their fees. This will allow you to use their programs and maximize the effectiveness of your advertising, without the additional hassle and fuss of arranging to advertise. It also covers nationwide campaigns that have a large impact.

4. Buying Power

Business owners who don’t franchise their company can profit from unlimited growth. However, they can reach a bottleneck when it comes to supply. Without a franchise that can make large bulk purchases on behalf of their franchise owners, many businesses fail to get the products they need for a price at which they can turn a profit. Franchise owners don’t have to worry about it as the franchise handles all purchasing for the businesses.

5. Avoid Risk

Franchise owners not only benefit from the knowledge and training of the franchising company, they also benefit from the added security of belonging to a larger group. When independent businesses fail, the company becomes a total loss for the investor. Not so with a franchise — good franchises will retain their worth through training programs, information, and purchasing power — meaning less risk for you and your business.

6. Purchasing Assistance

Franchises will typically assist you with finding premium real estate for your business and negotiating the terms with the property owner. They’ll have a team of experts inspect the land and detail exactly what issues there may be with using your preferred space. All of this is typically covered in your initial fee.

7. Operations Support

Cash register not working right, don’t understand the tax forms you need, need assistance with dealing with difficult employees? A qualified specialist will be able to answer your questions if you belong to a franchised business. If you don’t, all the responsibility is yours to deal with. Qualified specialists can also assist with marketing strategies, new ideas, rough spots, and just about any other scenario that you can think up. Having a support team means a lot, especially if this is your first business.

No matter the reason you have for entering into the business, field, we find so much benefit from joining up with a national brand through franchising. It’s like the saying goes: “it’s always better to travel in packs.” Franchises allow you to enter into a modest investment while staying safely under the umbrella of a parent company.

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Should You Get A Transmission Rebuild Or Replacement?

Should You Get A Transmission Rebuild Or Replacement?
A driver may one day come upon a time in his or her life when the dreaded question comes up of whether to replace or rebuild a transmission. Manufacturers create vehicle transmissions with the intention of them lasting a lifetime. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen. Consumers forget to do maintenance tasks on the transmission. Fluid leaks occur. Overheating and driver errors can cause the units to fail, as well. Overheating occurs when people try to carry heavy loads with a vehicle that does not have the capacity to do it. Aggressive driving, rough shifting, and other driver abuses can cause a transmission to fail as well. The consumer has two options when a transmission fails: replace or rebuild the transmission. The following takes a look at both decisions:

The Pros and Cons of a Transmission Rebuild
A rebuild is an overhaul of the major components in the transmission. The mechanic that performs the rebuild breathes some life back into an existing unit by dismantling it and only replacing the worn parts. The main benefit of the procedure is that it provides the vehicle owner with a warranty. Some warranties last several years, and they provide the driver with a sense of confidence about moving forward. Another benefit that a person may receive from getting a transmission rebuild is a quicker turnaround time. The consumer may have to order a brand new transmission, which could take weeks. A mechanic can usually do a rebuild within two to three days. The main con of a transmission rebuild is the expense. The job requires the person to completely disassemble it, search for worn parts and replace those worn parts. Labor costs can be as much as $100 per hour.

The Pros and Cons of a Transmission Replacement
A transmission replacement has many positive aspects to it. First, a consumer has some wiggle room when it comes to finding a replacement. The consumer can try to get a replacement from the original dealer, but this type of replacement is the most expensive kind. However, the brand new transmission will have the most guaranteed working time, and it will have the longest warranty out of all the other options.
Another option for resolving transmission issues is to search for a replacement at a junkyard. The price of a junkyard transmission will be significantly lower than the price of a transmission at a dealer will be. Junkyards usually warranty their parts, as well. The downside of having a transmission replaced in that manner is that the consumer will still have to pay a mechanic to install the transmission. The mechanic will not issue a refund on the basis of a bad junkyard transmission.

Finding the Right Richmond Shop to Rebuild or Replace
The most important part of the process of transmission repair is finding a reliable repair shop. Here in Richmond, you’ll be able to find an excellent transmission repair shop or two. A reliable shop will have glowing reviews, affordable prices, and experienced repair persons with the appropriate licensing or certifications. An interested person can contact a shop today to find out the best deals for transmission repair. Third-party lenders may provide the funds that a person needs to have his or her transmission repaired. The life of the vehicle can still be restored after the transmission goes bad. All it takes is a reliable mechanic and a good plan.

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How To Buy Reliable Car Insurance


Driving a motor vehicle on Cary and Raleigh NC roads without adequate auto insurance coverage is a criminal offense. The good news is you can purchase auto insurance covering almost every conceivable auto accident or damage eventuality. However, finding the best car insurance company can be a challenge. With that in mind, here are some great tips on how to buy reliable car insurance:

Compliance with State Insurance Laws

Look for an insurer who has complied with North Carolina’s vehicle insurance laws. Since these legal regulations vary from one state to the next, visit your state’s department of insurance website to view a list of licensed car insurers. If you are not familiar with your state’s department of insurance website, visit the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) site and select your state from the homepage to view a list of licensed insurers.

Background Research


Technology has made it relatively easier to carry out background research on companies without necessarily hiring a private investigator. All you have to do is type a phrase that contains the name of your preferred insurance company into a search engine such as Google. After this, open several or all the links in the first and second search engine results pages (SERPs). Go through the information published on the sites you have opened. By the end of this exercise, you will have learned a lot about the insurer. Other background research options include visiting the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site, forums and blogs that publish auto insurance content, and sites dedicated to consumer rights advocacy.

Financial Strength

Look for an insurance company that is financially sound. The best way to determine an insurer’s financial strength is by going through the ratings published by rating companies like Standard & Poor’s and A.M. Best. These companies rate insurers based on aspects such as liquidation, the likelihood of facing punitive regulatory actions, consumer complaint ratios, and compliance with industry standards. Take note that there is no standard rating scale. For instance, Standard & Poor’s uses a rating scale that runs from AAA (highest) to CC (lowest). On the other hand, the A.M. Best rating scale ranges from A++ (highest) to S (lowest).


Select an insurance company that does not use hidden cost factors to improve its bottom line while potentially endangering the lives of auto policyholders. For instance, recommending the installation of cheaper non-original equipment manufacturer (non-OEM) parts. According to David Zuby, chief research officer at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, non-OEM parts may function differently than OEM parts. As such, fitting them into your car could increase the likelihood of catastrophic failure at some point in the near future. To avoid similar problems, go through auto coverage cost factors carefully and seek clarification of details that do not make sense or you do not understand.

Compare Different Quotes

business man hand on chin

When shopping for car insurance, never settle for the first insurer you come across. Evaluate and request quotes from multiple insurers. After receiving requested quotes, compare monthly rates and then choose an insurer that suits your car coverage needs. While undertaking quote comparison, do not necessarily choose the insurer with the cheapest rates. Instead, you should also consider all the other aforementioned factors carefully in order to make a good decision.


Some of the main factors to consider when shopping for a reliable auto insurance company in Raleigh and Cary include regulatory compliance, financial strength, cost factors and reputation.

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From Business Man to Retiring Senior

old business man 2Hello! My name is Taki and I have turned 70 years old just a few months ago. I have been living in Lakewood CO area for the entirety of my life and I feel I have accomplished a lot. I started out selling real estate all throughout the area in parts of Ken Caryl, Littleton and Columbine. This brought me great wealth and over time I learned how to reinvest that money to make back even more money. I set up both short term investments and long term investments. I also became an investor with many small companies that I thought had a strong potential to be successful. I have invested in everything from pizza shops to online retailers in my latter years of life. I’m getting old now and I feel like I have all the money I need to survive the rest of this wonderful life. This is when I decided to throw in the towel and call it quits in this ruthless business world. There was a time when I used to be that fit young lad that could do anything but as time passes we all have to face the truth that our bodies won’t last forever. In my case, I have been experiencing bad knee problems that have left me immobile. As much as I hate to say it I feel I need some good senior care assistance so I set out to find some.

Through extensive researching with friends, networks and the internet, I have decided that my best in home care option was with Seniors Helping Seniors of South Jefferson County. These guys had quite the track record holding many great reviews and comforting comments across the web. Their approach to great senior care involves hiring care takers that are fellow elders like me. This concept seems so fitting to me because I can actually relate with them and their experiences. Now these guys have a great business model!

I couldn’t wait, so I picked up my phone and gave them a call right away. I asked them if they could help service me with reliable transportation and help around the home and I was pleased to hear that it wouldn’t be a problem at all. I instantly enrolled with them and they had someone out helping me the next week. Getting the best senior care in Lakewood was exactly what I needed and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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How You Can Incorporate Window Tinting In Your Business

window tinting skyriseTo protect your employees from harmful UV rays, reduce the temperature of your office by 15 degrees and reduce glare by over 85%, consider incorporating commercial window tinting in your business. The short-term cost of installing commercial window tint will result to, many long-run benefits including more comfortable working environment, significant energy savings, and security benefits among other benefits. Incorporating tinting in your windows is one of the best decisions you can make for the welfare of your employees.


How to Incorporate Window Tinting In Your Business:

1.) Choose a Window Tint Company

A window tint company will help in facilitating business window tinting. You need to choose a fully licensed and insured company that has been in this industry for many years. Such a company will offer you with highly competent tinting professionals who will get the job done in an excellent manner. You will be confronted by more than one window tint company. To be able to make an informed decision, carry out background research on each company and obtain referrals from fellow business owners.


2.) Evaluate the Tinting Options Available

Evaluating available options is an important step. Commercial window tint comes in various shapes and sizes. You should choose an alternative that will best suit the unique requirements of your business. 3M window film is worth considering if you want an energy efficient tint that offers U.V protection, privacy and security benefits.


If you want a window tint that will best display your business logo, consider using frosted, decorative window tint. Some varieties of 3M window film will best meet all the decorative requirements you desire in your business windows.


3.) Determining Best Installation Method

The best method for installing tint on your commercial windows will depend on the kind of film being installed. The installer will determine the most suitable installation process.


4.) Window Tinting Installation Process

Before tinting process begins, window treatments and furniture have to be moved out of the way. Attention to detail is needed during tinting process because window tint is an expensive item. Window surfaces have to be cleaned using soap and water before tinting is done. Film binding and creases in the trimming process will be removed using a premium application fluid.


The portion of flooring or carpet that is near a window should be covered appropriately during tinting so that they are protected from water solution used in tinting. After tinting, furniture and window treatments can be returned back to their original locations.


5.) The Final Outcome to Expect

The end result of tinting process will be clean, optically clear installation. This will boost the aesthetics of a building. Tint installation will offer a number of functionality benefits.


Benefits to Be Expected By Incorporating Window Tint in Your Business

citySecurity benefits

Tinting business windows will prevent break-ins. This will boost the security of your business. Window tint will address a number of your security concerns.


U.V. Protection

Windows in your commercial building expose your employees to UV rays. These rays negatively affect the health of your employees and subsequently reduce productivity. With tinted windows, your employees will be perfectly protected from the damaging effects of ultra violet light.


Energy Efficiency Benefits

Tinting office windows is one of the ways of facilitating energy efficiency. The installation of tint has very little impact on the environment and the tinting delivers a host of energy saving benefits. One of the strategies for going green should be using tinting.


Decorative benefits

Glass windows make your building to be beautiful. Adding tinting to these glasses, takes the level of elegance to a whole new level. Decorative window tint can be used to display business logo.


Business window tinting offers an array of benefits. To incorporate tinting in your corporation, you need to find the most suitable tint variety. A certified tint installer should install tint films purchased.

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A Child Care Franchise is a Solid Business Opportunity

Choosing a Franchise for Sale

As a senior close to retirement, opening a franchise is a quick and easy way to start a business if you have the capital to invest. With a proven success model at your fingertips, these ventures are half the work of a typical startup.

Corporate Guidance

Many individuals seeking to start businesses may overlook franchise opportunities. However, a franchise is an excellent way to grow a business because franchisees get support to help the business grow and become successful.  Unlike other business start-ups where owners need to figure out how they need to market and draw customers, the franchise route offers guidance along the way.

Child Care Franchise Options

One franchise opportunity that can be lucrative is a child care franchise. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about one-third or 6.7 million children in the U.S. receive regular care from a non-relative.  This statistic is not surprising since over seventy percent of women in the U.S. are part of the workforce.  These statistics emphasized the need for high-quality child-care centers where children receive nurturing and supportive care.  It is often difficult for parents to leave their children in the care of strangers. Regardless of the ability to pay, parents seek child-care centers with competent and caring staff capable of offering the best learning environment for kids.

Early education is important in helping young children prepare for school. In our high-tech society, nearly every job requires the ability to grasp technology quickly.  Schools are focusing on areas related to science, technology, engineering and math of STEM.  These concepts are being incorporated throughout the curriculum as early as kindergarten meaning that children entering public or private schools will be ahead of the curve if they already have basic reading and math skills. Preschools that balance education with play, and other activities prepare children for the competitive and fast-moving educational activities that they will engage in when they enter school.

Parents who have some reservations about the child care industry have lots of information to help them make informed decisions when choosing out-of-home care.  All states have regulations that child-care centers must follow. Licensed child-care centers must be inspected periodically to ensure that they are in compliance with regulations. Some states have child care center rating scales, so determining if a center is meeting or exceeding state guidelines is as easy as going to a website and looking up the information.

The combination of franchise rules and state regulations makes purchasing a day care for sale a sound investment for the person seeking a start-up or additional business venture.  When a prospective business owner decides to buy a kids franchise such as a child care center, he or she will be in a position to give parents the peace of mind they desire. By hiring quality staff and offering an engaging learning environment, the owner creates an environment that facilitates school readiness.

A day-care franchise is worth exploring, especially one with a reputation for quality care.  Many parents would like to care for their children at home, but because they must work to make ends meet, the child care industry will continue to be a sound investment of aspiring business owners who want to be independent while offering a needed service to parents with young children.

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Office Copiers, Printers, and Technology

Being a senior in business doesn’t mean that you are going to be using outdated technology. Take a peak out the top recommended models of copiers and printers around.

Modern Office Equipment

Modern offices and formal work environments require a wide range of equipment and technology tools to function efficiently. Some of these tools and equipment include printers, faxes, photocopiers, desktop PCs, as well as in-house data servers. Depending on the business niche, office equipment and technology can be configured for compartmentalized or across-the-board access. Here is a detailed look at office printers and copiers along with the technology behind them:


  • Canon Color imageRUNNER C1030iF

This full multi-functional color copier from Canon comes with desirable features such as copy, print, send, and fax capabilities. It can churn out 30 pages per minute (ppm) when printing black and white documents and up to 22 ppm when printing colored documents. At the same time, it boasts of scan speed of up to 20 ipm at 300 dpi. Furthermore, it has the capacity to handle paper sizes of up to 8” × 14.” Another important feature is enhanced authentication and security settings making it easy for a business owner to restrict access and control operational costs. It is also easy to use and maintain.

  • Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C350iF

For businesses with high document printing needs, this is the ideal copier because it can deliver up to 36 ppm. In addition, it is mobile friendly allowing staff to print documents on the go from their smartphones, laptops, or tablets. In the same vein, the imageRUNNER C350iF is cloud-enabled allowing one to access, scan, and print directly from select cloud applications. This copier deploys Canon’s V2 Color technology to produce professional-quality documents.

  • Canon imageRUNNER 1730iF

Unlike the copiers above, the imageRUNNER 1730iF is a white and black copier. According to the manufacturer, it is specifically designed to meet the document printing needs of SMBs. It boasts of PDF High Compression and Searchable technologies, single line faxing, 32 ppm, duplexing capability, Canon’s imageWARE Enterprise Management Console application, and Canon’s RAPID Fusing System that delivers exceptional image quality.


  • HP Envy 5640 e-All-in-One printer

For entrepreneurs bootstrapping their startups, the HP Envy 5640 is an affordable printer that produces high-quality prints. It is compact, portable, and can print, scan, or copy documents. On the connectivity front, it has a USB 2.0 interface and 802.11b/g/n wireless connection. Moreover, you can print documents from your smartphone or tablet. The main paper tray can hold 125 paper sheets while the photo-tray can hold 15 sheets.

  • Dell C2665dnf multifunction printer

This a multifunction printer that can fulfil the printing needs of an SMB. It comes with 1GB standard memory, 1066MHz processor speed, and 600 × 600 dpi printing resolution. It can copy, print, scan, and fax documents meaning you do not require a standalone fax in your office. In addition, it supports USB 2.0 and Ethernet technology. Although the Dell C2665dnf does come with Wi-Fi support, you can purchase an adaptor kit that allows you to access Wi-Fi networks. A feature that will excite any business owner is the Dell Document Hub, which allows one to access and search documents stored on cloud platforms like Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Google Drive.

  • Xerox WorkCentreTM 6505

According to Xerox, its WorkCentreTM 6505printer is a powerful productivity tool that comes with 10/100/1000 Base T Ethernet and USB 2.0 connectivity. To prevent unauthorized access of confidential business documents, Xerox has rolled out security features like IP filtering, Secure HTTPS (SSL), 802.1×, IPSec, and SNMPv3. At the same time, it has Scan to Email, Direct Scan to Applications, and Network Scanning capabilities.

Technologies such as cloud computing as well as document scanning, printing, copying, and faxing have made it possible to set up/run highly versatile and adaptable businesses. Some of the copiers and printers that you can use to improve workplace productivity and operational cost efficiency include Canon imageRUNNER 1730iF, Xerox WorkCentreTM 6505, and Dell C2665dnf multifunction printer.

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